Competitive Intelligence - Marketing Research - Business Development

Competitive Intelligence - Marketing Research - Business Development

Competitive Intelligence - Marketing Research - Business DevelopmentCompetitive Intelligence - Marketing Research - Business Development


Customer Service Analysis

Our customer service analyses allow our clients to identify and monitor key issues facing their representatives and implement the necessary changes to improve efficiency, productivity and sales. Challenge your staff or those of a competitor with specific customer service scenarios designed to evaluate technical and product knowledge, ability to handle difficult customers (“escalation” scenarios) and general expertise. Generally done over the phone, this analysis has proven to be an invaluable service to our clients, allowing them to:

  • Assess professionalism and competence of their representatives
  • Evaluate customer retention techniques
  • Monitor phone house vendors, answering services and other out-sourced personnel

All information can be bench-marked, enabling the client to gain a relative ranking of their own staff as well as the competition.

Market Research

RDAssociates conducts customized market research, enabling our clients to better understand their target markets and allowing them to market goods and services that match their customers’ needs and wants. Our market research includes in-depth quantitative and qualitative interviews with consumers and executives to equip our clients with the detailed, inside information they can receive nowhere else.

Branding Studies

Our branding studies enable our clients to track and measure the perceived value of their brand and how they can more effectively leverage its equity.

Customer Satisfaction - Win Back Studies
Our customer satisfaction analyses enable our clients to uncover perceptions of quality, measure satisfaction and help focus resources on their customers’ specific needs.  Additionally our win back studies will identify reasons customers may have left and how to get them to come back.


Mystery Shopping

RDAssociates is committed to providing our clients with highest quality mystery shops in the industry. RDAssociates’ process is continuous and thorough, and assures the legal and ethical collection of all information. To that end, all of our shoppers are:

  • Personally trained by our staff
  • Required to complete a successful mock interview
  • Clearly instructed on what does and does not qualify as a legitimate shop
  • All information collected is confidential and shared only with RDAssociates

Upon completion, all of our shoppers are interviewed again by our staff to identify any possible inconsistencies within their completed surveys.

RDAssociates shoppers are selected not only for their technical skills, but also for their ability to solve problems, think creatively and respond decisively in the face of new and unexpected challenges. All of our shoppers maintain their anonymity, guaranteeing our clients the most professional mystery shops in the industry.

Experts in conducting in-person, phone and Web shops.  All shops may be recorded.