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Mystery Shops

RDAssociates provides three types of mystery shops and quality assurance monitoring for schools – Phone Audits, In-Person Visits and Web Shops.

All three of these analysis techniques enable us to identify strengths and weaknesses of our clients’ admissions services by campus. Our shoppers are trained professionals and our analyses provide schools with detailed results by campus and region, trended over time.

Phone Audits

Our shoppers speak with representatives from individual campuses to discuss their interest in applying to the individual school. Our shoppers:

  • Analyze the ability of representatives to engage, sell and follow prescribed protocol
  • Measure representatives’ adherence to Title IV compliance
  • Measure Admissions Representative’s enthusiasm and friendliness
  • Timeliness of response – i.e. hold time, transfer to voice mail
  • All calls can be recorded if requested

In-Person Visits 

Mystery shoppers visit campuses and note the following type of information:

  • Analyze the ability of representatives to engage, sell and follow prescribed protocol
  • Measure representatives’ adherence to Title IV compliance
  • Friendliness of the staff/representatives
  • Wait time and the cleanliness of the facilities both inside and out
  • Type of collateral materials provided
  • All interviews can be recorded if requested

Web Shops

For the web portion of the shops, our shoppers:

  • Fill out the contact forms
  • Monitor phone, email and text communications
  • Take snap shots of the email communications
  • Report the timeliness and content of these communications

360 Review


360 Review

The 360 Review is an organized, in-depth look at a school – the big picture - addressing admissions, academics, finances, financial aid, facilities, placement/career services, and other factors that affect a school’s ability to fulfill its mission in an effective and efficient manner.   

RDAssociates will conduct/review the following:  

  • Competitive Analysis (academic  program details – what‘s special about the school, competitive advantage, length of program, total cost, job placement).   
  • Academic Programs and Key Metrics (number of students, student teacher ratio, profitability, scheduling).
  • Financial Processes, Key Metrics and Results (cash and expense controls). 
  • Career Services Practices and Placement.
  • Policies, Practices, Publications, and Records (consistency among documents and policies).
  • Interviews with Administration and Faculty.

Using our analysis of current multi-department operations as its foundation, RDAssociates will provide the Client with actionable items and the framework for a Strategic Plan, which will complement the Client’s existing institutional assessment, improvement and planning process.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is a flexible approach that includes a variety of key objectives to implement specific actions to reach the desired financial goals.  These goals which should be able to occur as a result of expense reduction and scheduling improvements. 

The ability to maintain or improve the level of customer service to students, staff, instructors, and the employers of the Client’s Graduates. 

Key Goals and with multiple potential strategic objectives with staff member/ positions or departments, the data required, evaluation metrics, and benchmarks that can be modified on an annual basis at the direction of management. 

This report is intended for use by the school to improve its efficiency and effectiveness by incorporating suggestions into the short term and long term strategic planning process.   


RDAssociates offers training to help ensure Admissions Representatives adhere to internal protocol standards and increase the likelihood of enrollment:

  • Review appointment set and interview protocol
  • Provide techniques on building a rapport with the applicant
  • Increase consistency on follow-ups
  • Develop new scripts/training materials
  • Conduct on-site training


Other Services

Employment Verification

Accurately audit graduate employment rates and salary statistics. 

Exit Interviews

Ascertain why former Admissions Representatives left a school, and determine what schools can do to better retain  them.  

Non-Start/ Drop Out Analyses

Garner information as to why students either fail to start classes or do not return after starting classes.