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About Us

Marketing Research and Quality Assurance Experts

RDAssociates, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1996 by Richard Y. Douglass. Located in the greater Philadelphia area, RDAssociates, Inc. is a competitive intelligence, market research and business development firm that has been supporting businesses for more than two decades. 

Our Approach

RDAssociates, Inc. supports businesses with its proprietary competitive intelligence, market research and consulting techniques including quality assurance monitoring as well as mystery shopping.  

We ensure that all of our clients’ points of contact adhere to proper industry standards and practices including regulatory compliance. Any tangible customer service process can be analyzed by our team of industry experts. 

RDAssociates, Inc. approaches each project as a partnership, becoming an extension of our client’s internal teams and processes. We allow you to put your focus where it belongs – in growing your business.